Things to Write in a Valentine's Day Card

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Here are a few things you can put in a Valentine's Day card:

  1. A heartfelt message expressing your feelings towards the person you are giving the card to.
  2. A romantic quote or poem that you find meaningful.
  3. A picture of the two of you together.
  4. A special memory or inside joke between the two of you.
  5. A small gift, such as a piece of jewelry or a box of chocolates, that can be included inside the card.
  6. A heartfelt compliment or expression of gratitude.
  7. A promise to make plans for the future, such as a trip or special date.
  8. A heartfelt song lyrics or a romantic poem.
  9. A drawing or a photo of something that represents your love.
  10. A heartfelt wish for the coming year.

It's important to remember that the most important thing is that the card comes from the heart and should be heartfelt and personal.

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